Eva Hotmelt For Edgebander

Open timeThe working time to make a bond, where the surface still retains sufficient tack, can range from seconds for fast-setting HMAs to infinity for pressure-sensitive adhesives.Set timeTime to form a bond of acceptable strength.TackThe degree of surface stickiness of the adhesive; influences the strength of the bond between wetted surfaces.Surface energyInfluences wetting of different kind of surfaces

Manual Edgebander Hotmelt

Automatic Thru feed Edgebander Hotmelt

Paper Packaging

Profile wrapping and more




Melt viscosityOne of the most noticeable properties. Influences the spread of applied adhesive, and the wetting of the surfaces. Temperature-dependent, higher temperature lowers viscosity.Melt flow indexA value roughly inversely proportional to the molecular weight of the base polymer. High melt flow index adhesives are easy to apply but have poor mechanical properties due to shorter polymer chains. Low melt flow index adhesives have better properties but are more difficult to apply.Pot life stabilityThe degree of stability in molten state, the tendency to decompose and char. Important for industrial processing where the adhesive is molten for prolonged periods before deposition.Bond-formation temperatureMinimum temperature below which sufficient wetting of substrates does not occur .



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