It can produce the parts that need to open a tenon groove quickly and in a standard way.
Thanks to the ability to perform different operations on its two different trays, it provides the
opportunity to obtain faster product output.



Structure Of Chassis
With its reinforced, vibration-free and stable chassis design, it provides accuracy over long production
cycles and remains reliable for your machining needs. It has an impressive frame design
that provides reliable precision in operation

Blade Movements
Controlled by asynchronous motor. It helps easy to use and adjustments.

Adjustable Double Table
In addition to the same work on both tables, it offers the possibility of performing different work on the A table and the B table.

Warranty Period
The machine is guaranteed for 1 year from delivery from the manufacturer to the customer. The warranty
covers the cost of spare parts and service, except for the operating errors listed in the user manual.
Installation And Training
Installation and training services should be performed by Nesto personnel or by a NESTO authorized
dealer/service provider. Installation and training services are included in the price. Installations not
performed by Nesto or a Nesto authorized dealer/service provider will void the machine warranty.
Machine installation and training activities cover a period of 3 days. Training activities include general
machine use and CAD /CAM drawing program training.


For  Technical Details and Specification please asked to M/S Bridgetech International .


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